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q:  why the name curliegirlie?

a:  as a kid having curly hair felt like torture.  humidity was like mother nature sticking her tongue out at me.  eventually my hair grew on me (no pun intended) and I learned to love it.  now I don’t know what I’d do without my sometimes unruly curls - humidity and all!

q:  can a tag be stamped on both sides?

a:  nope.  the tags I use can only be stamped on one side.

q:  can I buy a charm without the chain?

a:  the necklaces are included in the price of the piece.  however, you can now

order additional charms for certain necklaces (‘Clothes Line’ and ‘And Baby

Makes...’ only) without the chain if you’ve had an addition to your family since

your last order.

q:  can I return a necklace?

a:  all sales are final.  if you have an issue with your item send me an email to and we’ll figure something out.  

q:  how long does it take to get my necklace?

a:  please allow 10-14 business from receipt of your order.  

q:  can I put a rush on my order?

a:  you can request rush processing when you place your order by sending me an email at and I will do my best to get it to you asap.

q:  how do i care for my jewelry once i receive it?

a:  you can use a silver polishing cloth on your jewelry to keep it looking good as new.  if your individual piece is ‘antiqued’ or ‘weathered’ you may want to be cautious so as to not remove the unique finish but you can still clean it with a soft cloth.  for a painted piece you can use a soft cloth to wipe it down.  be sure to keep your piece in its jewelry pouch when not being worn to prevent it from getting scratched or damaged.  

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